Four New Color Etchings Completed and Signed at Flatbed Press and Gallery

April 2017

Hooray! Last week I signed the four color etchings I’ve been making at Flatbed Press and Gallery in Austin. After a year of work, they are finished!! The group of the four images is titled Stormy Seas and the individual images are Cool Comes In, Rising Swells, Turbulent Horizon, and Unexpected Moon. They are filled with brilliant color, etched textures, and oceans and weather.

I am delighted with the prints!

The images and details about the prints can be found in Portfolio section of this web site. The etchings are available for sale from Flatbed Press and William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas. The individual prints are $1250 each.

I want to thank Katherine Brimberry and everyone who is part of Flatbed for all their hard work, the fun, and the success of the project. I particularly want to thank Katherine, Flatbed’s owner and my main collaborator, Tracy Mayrello, Master Printer, and Cordelia Blanchard, Printer, for their professionalism, exacting standards, patience, and dedication to printing the etchings exactly like I wanted them.

Thanks to Kathy, Mike, Anna, Tracy, Lola, Cordelia, Delilah, Sean, Alex, and Veronica. It was a wonderful experience!


August 2017

Thank you, Art in Print: The Global Journal of Prints and Ideas for recognizing Stormy Seas in the News of the Print World column in the July/August 2017 edition.